Tropical Theme Night
Family Dinner Ideas with Chiquita Plantains What is a Plantain? A Plantain is NOT a Banana •  Plantains are more starchy & less sweet
•  Eaten cooked (not raw)
•  Larger with thicker skin
•  Flesh consistency is like a potato
•  Peels may be green, yellow or black
•  Can be used at any stage of ripeness
•  Fruit may be yellow or pinkish
•  Good source of vitamins  A and C
•  Always sold individually
The plantain is a starchy relative of the banana, usually served grilled, baked, boiled or fried in sweet and savory side dishes. Plantains are available year-round. If you can't find them at your local grocery store, ask the produce manager to stock them. 
How to Peel
STEP 1: Cut off both tips
STEP 2: Slice down the full length of the peel
STEP 3: Pull the peel off in one piece
For grilled recipes, leave peels on and remove after cooking. For skewers on the grill, remove peel before grilling.
For fried or baked recipes, remove peel before cooking. Slice the fruit widthwise to create thin chips for frying, or cut in half lengthwise or in chunks to bake.
How to Select, Prepare and Cook Plantains can be eaten at any stage of ripeness when properly prepared. They can be cooked in many ways, simply check our recipes below for the recommended ripeness stage. 
Plantain Nutrition Serving Size 1 med. raw (179g) - Not a significant source of saturated fat and cholesterol.
** Contains less than 2 percent of the Daily Value of these nutrients    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
More Festive Tropical Theme - Dinner Ideas Bring a tropical vibe to your event with Chiquita plantains recipes and these island-style tips:
Decorate your table with schells,
bamboo placemats, colorful flowers and coconut-scented candles
Play theme music like calypso slack-key guitar, reggae, or beach sounds in the background
Wear tropical styles such as sarongs, aloha shirts and flip flops
Dress up your drinks with fresh fruit juice, umbrellas and fruit wedges, or try a refreshing Chiquita CopaBanana Smoothie