Map of Banana Farms


Delicious bananas are grown at banana farms in tropical regions of the world.

The banana industry in North America sources its bananas from tropical regions. Chiquita owns farms in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama. Most of the bananas you buy are grown within 20 degrees on either side of the equator.
map of banana farm locations


1. Mexico

Bananas have been a popular ingredient in Mexican cuisine since they were introduced to the country in the 1500s by the first bishop of Michoácan.

2. Guatemala

Nicknamed the Land of Eternal Spring, Guatemala’s consistently temperate climate is ideal for growing bananas.

3. Honduras

When the world’s banana farms were threatened by disease in 2003, Honduran scientists developed a new disease and pest-resistant crop.

4. Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s fertile soil is ideal for producing many different kinds of bananas including the familiar Cavendish and Red varieties.

Costa Rica
5. Costa Rica

When it shipped bananas to New Orleans in the 1870s, Costa Rica became the first Central American exporter.

6. Panama

After the Panama Canal was finished in 1914, bananas joined coffee as the country’s chief export.

7. Ecuador

Ecuador is the world’s leading banana exporter. It sends its fruit from banana farms to the U.S., Europe, Japan, Chile and Argentina.

Ever wonder where do bananas come from? It's not the banana stork.

In 1876, bananas were first introduced to the United States public through the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition of America. They sold for 10 cents apiece.

Today, there are over 400 banana varieties grown in the world. Where do bananas grow? Bananas are native to hot, humid tropical regions like Central America and the Caribbean. Chiquita Banana farms are located in South America and North America. Chiquita banana farms are most concentrated in fertile soil regions of Central America; from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador. If all the bananas grown in the world were placed end-to-end, the banana chain would circle the Earth 1,400 times.

The world's record for the longest banana split is 4.55 miles.

Check our map for interesting facts, and then find your favorite banana variety in your local supermarket.

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