Banana Nutrition Tips & Recipes for Chiquita Moms

I'm A Chiquita Mom

Being a mom may be the most challenging, yet rewarding job out there, which means it's important to take care of yourself and your family. Whether you need to relax, impress guests at a party, or just have fun with the little ones in the kitchen, we've compiled some of our favorite tips and nutritious Chiquita banana recipes for you to enjoy with the entire family.

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Sugar Free Banana Bread Recipe

Turn frozen Chiquita bananas into a nutritious, delicious baked classic!

BananAde Smoothie Recipe

Refresh and relax with lemonade with a Chiquita banana twist! This is a great on-the-go drink in the morning, or a relaxing afternoon treat.

Banana Socials Recipe

Surprise your guests with a unique party favorite! This is the perfect after-school snack!

Chocolate Banana Pop Recipe

Cool off with this decadent treat! Chocolate Banana Pops are perfect for when you're craving something sweet. Get the kids in on the preparation of this easy, nutritious frozen chocolate treat.

Chiquita and MyPlate Tips for Moms
Here are three easy tips from USDA's MyPlate program to help your child on the path of healthy eating.

MyPlate Tip 1: Cut back on your child's sweets
Reduce your child's calorie intake by promoting fruit and fruit salad as a special dessert in place of other high-calorie desserts. View the other easy ideas to cut back on your child's sugar.

Banana Palm Trees

MyPlate Tip 2: Coping with picky eaters
Make food fun by being creative in your presentation. Try making fresh fruit faces or shapes out of your child's snacks like this fun palm tree to the right from Chiquita Mom, Natalie. Discover more ideas from our Chiquita Moms community or find more ideas to cope with picky eaters here on

MyPlate Tip 3: Stay on track with SuperTracker
Busy moms know it can be difficult to stay on track with their child's healthy eating goals let alone their own diet and healthy eating goals. Don't worry, has you covered with their SuperTracker tools to help you develop a plan that fits with your lifestyle. Get started with MyPlan


Chiquita Ultimate Banana Recipe Contest

Freeze Me for Later
Now that you've had the chance to try Chiquita Bananas in some of our tasty recipes, you may have a couple bananas left over. If you notice them starting to get a little spotty, don't throw them away! Freeze them. Frozen bananas are perfect for smoothies, shakes and baked treats. If you are using the frozen Chiquita bananas for baking, don't forget to thaw before using them!

Chiquita Banana Freezing Instructions
1. Peel your Chiquita banana
2. Cut or break into 4-6 pieces (to use as needed)
3. Place in freezer bag
4. Mark freezer bag with today’s date
5. Store in freezer (for 1-2 months)
6. Use as needed in one of your favorite Chiquita banana recipes

Fun Tip: Chiquita recommends using your frozen bananas within 30 days for baking and within 60 days for smoothies and frozen treats.

Nature’s Energy Boost – Banana Tips & Recipes for Moms

Bananas—Nature’s Energy Boost
Did you know that Chiquita bananas have potassium, Vitamin B6 and carbohydrates? They also contain manganese and Vitamin C occurring naturally.

Chiquita bananas are a good source of fiber, fun to eat and naturally tasty to satisfy your sweet tooth. They come in nature's own biodegradable package. Perfect for the whole family, Chiquita bananas are the ideal natural breakfast, on-the-go afternoon snack or pre-workout boost.