Chiquita Banana Snack Ideas

bagged lunch

Having a few daily snack options is an essential part of any healthy diet. Snacking during your busy schedule keeps energy and focus up throughout the day. Smart snacking can help you manage your weight by curbing cravings, making you less likely to overeat at larger lunch and dinner meals. And healthy snacking is good for kids, too. A good snack after school keeps the tummy rumbling at bay for young ones waiting for dinnertime.

Chiquita Bananas aren't just a great breakfast option, but have a tremendous amount of snack potential as well. Whether you have a workout in front of you, a busy workday or are packing a nutritious lunch for children – Chiquita has you covered.

For the Lunch Box:

  • You could stick with the standard PB&J, but as you know, boring and monotonous lunches are the leading cause of lunch trading amongst schoolmates. Instead, try a PBC- Peanut Butter, Banana and Chocolate Sandwich.
  • Pack a slice or two of the Applesauce Banana Loaf for a light bread without all the butter and oils.
  • Add a Banana Bran Muffin for a good fiber kick to the sack lunch.
  • Surprise your child at school with a "happy banana" placed in their lunch box. Decorate a banana with googlie-eyes and a hand-drawn smile.

For After School:

  • Try quick and easy Baked Plantains for an excellent substitute for late afternoon chip cravings.
  • Sweet and savory Chiquita Banana Socials are the perfect after school snack to keep energy up before dinner is ready.

For Your Work Day:

For Pre-Workout Snacking:

  • Combine Plantain Chips with a healthy fruit or vegetable dip to up the energy you'll need for your workout.
  • It doesn't get quicker or easier than the classic - Bananas-Cut-Up-In-Milk.
  • Use low-fat, fat-free or soy milk for a healthier variation. Add berries or granola to taste.
  • Try this homemade Banana Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt, made with non-fat yogurt and non-fat milk. A truly tasty way to start off your exercise.
Want to look further? Browse our banana recipe section for more great ideas. And we have a page dedicated to Chiquita Moms – get banana freezing tips and recipe ideas for your children.