Kid-Size Bananas—Chiquita® Minis®

Chiquita Minis Bananas -- Great for Kids!

The Chiquita Mini looks like a big banana, but it tastes sweeter and is just about half the size. So if you can't eat a whole banana, the Chiquita Mini will be just right. Since they're smaller, Chiquita Minis fit better in your lunch box or backpack. They're perfect for mini banana splits, too!

Chiquita Minis have all the nutrition as regular bananas. That makes them a great grab-and-go snack when you need an extra energy boost.

Fun Facts About Chiquita Minis

  • Chiquita Minis are a naturally smaller variety of banana.
  • Their skin is thinner than regular bananas, so sometimes it's easier to peel them from the bottom.
  • Two Chiquita Minis a day equals a full serving of one regular banana.
  • Chiquita Minis contain no fat, cholesterol or sodium.
  • Chiquita Minis bananas taste just like our regular bananas but just a little sweeter.