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Recipes Just For Kids

Banana Recipes for Kids

Fun, no-fuss food kids can make and everyone will enjoy.

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Fun Activities

Fun Banana Activities

You can have a lot of fun with Chiquita and these activities.

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All About Minis

All About Minis Bananas

Little bananas for little hands. How cool is that?

all about minis

i love lunch boxes!

If you're a kid, this section is all about you. It's full of fun recipes you can make, fun facts you can share with friends and fun activities. There's even a banana that's just your size – Chiquita Minis® banana.

Want to be a Chiquita Kid? Then get moving! Chiquita kids are active and full of energy because they eat a balanced, healthy diet that includes fresh veggies and fruits like Chiquita® Bananas.

Okay. Let's go bananas!