Red Bananas and Manzanos

If you can't find these varieties,
ask the produce manager at your grocery store
to stock Chiquita Red bananas and
Manzano bananas.

Chiquita Red Bananas And Manzanos

Make sure to look for these exciting Chiquita varieties in your produce department—both red bananas and manzanos are available year-round.

Chiquita Red Bananas
Chiquita red bananas taste just like their yellow cousins, but have a purple to maroon-red peel and pinkish flesh due to the presence of carotene. The redder the fruit, the more carotene and the higher the vitamin C level. Look for fruit that is slightly soft. A few scars on the peel will not affect the taste or quality. Red bananas can be eaten as a hand fruit or used for baking.

Chiquita Manzano Bananas
Also known as apple bananas, Chiquita manzanos are delicious as a hand fruit, tossed in fruit salads, baked in breads, custards and puddings, fried as fritters or blended in shakes and daiquiris.

The average manzano is about four inches long, stocky and with a pale yellow peel that blackens as it ripens. The flesh is creamy with a taste that hints of apple. Chiquita manzanos have the same nutritional benefits as regular bananas.