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Chiquita Plantains

Bring an exotic feel to your next theme-night family dinner with the healthy, easy-to-prepare Chiquita Plantain!

Delicious plantains have long been a traditional staple food in many tropical cultures. They're perfect to use at any stage of ripeness as a main or side dish, snack, or dessert. Learn how to make exciting new plantain recipes, and take your family on a mini-vacation to paradise!

Green Plantains

"I'm starchy like a potato!"

Best fried or boiled in savory recipes like Chiquita Plantain and Shrimp Hash

Tostones with Chiquita Plantains Recipe

This healthy appetizer uses green Chiquita plantains as a base for ceviche, avocado salad or your choice of toppings. It's perfect for a summertime gathering.

Chiquita Plantain Mofongo with Bacon Recipe

This recipe takes a lighter approach to traditional mofongo by boiling plantains in flavorful broth and topping with low-sodium bacon.

Chiquita Plantain Arañitas Recipe

These crispy Chiquita plantain clusters are called "little spiders" or "arañitas" because of their spidery shape. They're delicious served plain, with dipping sauce or spicy guacamole.

Chiquita Plantain and Shrimp Hash Recipe

Traditional hash takes a fun vacation with Chiquita® Plantains and tasty shrimp.


Yellow Plantains

"I'm slightly sweeter and softer!"

Best when grilled or baked in savory or savory-sweet recipes like Chiquita Plantains and Skirt Steak Tacos

Ripe Grilled Plantains Recipe

Grill this fast, easy sweet plantain party appetizer and serve with rum-based cocktails or sweet iced tea. This recipe is great for any summer BBQ.

Grilled Miso-Marinated Ahi and Chiquita® Plantains Recipe

This delicious dish combines a unique blend of Pacific-inspired flavors with savory plantains for an island-style dinner that's sure to please the whole family.

Chiquita Plantains and Skirt Steak Tacos with Peppered Pineapple Slaw Recipe

Creamy, savory, sweet, tangy and zesty... these tacos tickle the taste buds!

Chiquita Plantains & Spicy Jerk Chicken Recipe

Savory, spicy jerk chicken is the perfect complement to sweet Chiquita plantains in this delicious grilled dish. Make your own jerk seasoning or save time by purchasing from any well-stocked grocery store.


Black Plantains

"I'm sweetest on the inside!"

Best used for baked sweet dishes or desserts like Chiquita Plantain Tarts

Chiquita Plantain Tarts Recipe

These Jamaican-style tarts are like small turnovers with a flaky crust and sweet, delicious Chiquita plantain filling.

Chiquita Plantain and Black Bean Pies Recipe

Black beans and cotija cheese make a tasty filling for these individual vegetarian Chiquita® Plantain pies.

Chiquita Baked Sweet Plantains Recipe

Sugar and spice and everything nice – like baked Chiquita Baked Sweet Plantains for dessert!