Organic Bananas

Chiquita® Organic Bananas

If you prefer organically grown food, Chiquita has a banana for you! Chiquita’s organic bananas meet the strict requirements of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program. And they’re independently certified as 100% organic by world-leading agencies recognized by the USDA. Now you can serve your family a premium banana that tastes great, is fat-free, rich in potassium and fiber and 100% organically grown. Ask your produce manager to stock Chiquita organics if your favorite store doesn’t already carry them.

What's organic?
Chiquita organic bananas are produced in a manner that can help promote a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Before a product can be officially labeled 100% organic, a USDA-approved certifier must inspect the place where the food is grown to ensure that the grower is adhering to all the rules and requirements to meet USDA organic standards.