Chiquita Mini Bananas

Chiquita Minis Bananas Chiquita Minis – When a Little is Exactly Enough

Here's the perfect banana for small appetites and little fingers. Chiquita Minis are a naturally sweeter, smaller variety of banana with the same per ounce nutritional benefits as their big relatives but at about half the size. That makes these bananas just right when eating a whole banana is too much.

Little kids love the small size. It's kind of like a banana grown just for them. Chiquita Minis are a fun and easy way to get your children to eat healthier. They fit easily in a lunch box or backpack and make a quick grab-and-go energy snack for after-school activities.

Look for Chiquita Minis next to regular bananas. They're sold in bags of six to eight fingers. If you can't find them, ask the produce manager to stock them.

Fun Facts About Chiquita Minis Bananas

  • Chiquita Mini Bananas are a naturally smaller, sweeter variety of our regular banana.
  • Their skin is thinner than the familiar Cavendish variety, so sometimes it's easier to peel them from the bottom.
  • Two Chiquita Minis a day equals a full serving of one regular banana.
  • Chiquita Minis contain no fat, cholesterol or sodium.
  • Chiquita Mini Bananas taste just like our regular bananas but just a little sweeter.