Chiquita Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

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Chiquita Bananas – the Superstar Super Food!


Once a rare and costly luxury item unknown outside their native tropics, bananas are now the world's best-selling fruit and Chiquita® Bananas are the world's best-known bananas. Chiquita was the first branded banana and the first to be marketed in the U.S. Today, that familiar bright blue sticker on the outside is your assurance of superior quality and flavor inside — exactly what you want for you and your family!

Delicious, nutritious and available year-round, Chiquita Bananas are a great value, too. At just pennies per serving, each Chiquita Banana provides fresh whole-food nutrients that taste better and cost less than processed foods or vitamin supplements.

Chiquita Bananas just might be the most versatile fruit you can buy. Packed in their own, biodegradable wrapper, bananas are neat, convenient portable snacks. But don't stop there. Enjoy Chiquita Bananas sliced on cereal, blended in smoothies, nutrients baked in banana bread, tossed in fruit salads and sautéed for desert. You can go bananas anytime, anywhere — explore all our easy banana recipes!

Chiquita Bananas are a dieter's best buddy, too. They're naturally sweet and creamy, low in calories, high in fiber, fat-free, and full of satisfying, appetite-curbing flavor.

With so much going for them, Chiquita Bananas are the superstars of the produce department and Quite Possibly, The World's Perfect Food.®

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